Asset Incubator

We facilitate the development of new project ideas helping single player, startup or MSMEs, supporting them in generating assets that reinforce the value of the company. How to make it, is part of the mission, and we significantly differ from traditional incubators. With our technical expertise and an innovative methodological approach we can ensure to our partners a reduction of business risk suggesting the tools to face the market’s challanges.

Asset Incubator
Enreach your potential

We are a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with a strong experience in the enhancing of assets and we have developed a business model to help people with good ideas, be they one single person, a group of friends, a startup or an SME, to transform it into assets.

New concept of incubator

RTW focuses its business development on technical skills and an innovative methodological approach that ensures an increasing probability of success of an idea and a reduction in losses in the event of failure.


Networking and sharing are two operational concepts on which our growth model is based. In our enhancement method we use Artificial Intelligence as a lever to heighten the intrinsic potential of the network.


We believe in ideas and innovative ways to make it a success Join us now!