Fabrizio Gramuglio will speak at the next TEDxLugano

fabrizio gramuglio tedxlugano

Wednesday | July 24, 2019 – We’re happy to announce that Fabrizio Gramuglio will be speaking at the next TEDxLugano.

“Starting with our Massive Transformative Purpose about connecting people with any kind of knowledge, and using the latest exponential technologies, we can move from the old-fashioned Master-Apprentice knowledge model to a democratized, distributed access. Including not only artificial intelligence, artificial empathy, voice technology, and dialogue, but also promoting softskills creation to deliver a 1-to-1 education. A big thank you for this achievement to the team (Giorgio Manfredi, Monica Landoni, and Emiliana Murgia), and the TEDx team (Sergali A. and his marvelous team) for the amazing work they did (and still doing) to create such an event! Trust me, it’s a long path but full of learning and satisfaction.”

Congratulations Fabrizio, great job!

Fabrizio Gramuglio will speak at the next TEDxLugano
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