Honor Harger at MeetTheMediaGuru

Honor Harger

Friday | July 22, 2019 – 2019Wednesday evening I was really tempted not to go to the MeetTheMediaGuru event at the Milan Triennale. The sultry heat and the public transport strike were a good excuse.

Fortunately, curiosity has won against laziness. Honor Harger , that is the coordinator at the ArtScience Museum of Singapore, has finally shown a concrete example of what the proactive role of the museum should be in today’s society. I Underline the word “concrete” because she did not only
theorized it. Honor has created the union among art, technology, science and society. Clarifying what can and should be the role of art in the current context as better explained by Edgards Bervalds director or VIRAC radio telescope, Latvia, after a collaboration with Harger’s team: “Artists can use it to fill the vast space in our universe that science cannot reach”.
If you want you can see these videos related to some of her projects: Into The Wild and Future World.

Honor Harger at MeetTheMediaGuru
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